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T104 Speed Depth Wind
NMEA System

Key Features
Complete solution in one box
Speed, Depth, Disitance
Wind Speed and Direction
Calculated functions
Compatible with other manufacturers via NMEA
Cost effective solution
Multi Function Displays
Easy to install

With the increasing need for greater reliability, innovation, design and technology, Micronet is a milestone in marine electronics. Currently more than 20,000 wireless systems have been sold throughout the world and Micronet has won numerous international awards. Increasingly wireless is becoming the choice for cruising and racing sailors across the globe. 2007 sees the growth of the Micronet range increasing the portfolio of wireless instrument catering for larger vessels and offering products tailored to suit both the Racing and Cruising enthusiasts.

Over 50,000 sailors worldwide rely upon Tacktick instruments for their safety, performance and enjoyment.
“ In the past damaged mast wires stopped us from fitting wind instruments on the majority of our fleet. To retrofit was a massive task with 650 masts to wire. Tacktick instruments have no wires, solving maintenance and installation issues at the same time. Using Tacktick was an easy obvious choice."



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