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PSS Shaft Seal Packless Sealing System is a dripless stuffing box and packing gland replacement for sailboat and power boat drivetrains.

The PSS Shaft Seal is a mechanical seal that uses a self-aligning carbon-graphite stator to ensure a 100% watertight seal with proven reliability. This seal will eliminate shaft wear and minimize corrosion. Available for shafts from 3/4" to 3 3/4" (22mm to 95mm). Larger sizes are available.

The Parts of the PSS Shaft Seal

1. Propeller Shaft
2. Shaft Log (Stern Tube)
3. Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (4)
4. Bellow (1)
5. Carbon Graphite Flange (1)
6. Stainless Steel Rotor (1)
7. Stainless Steel Screws
(5 total/4 for Rotor, 1 spare)
8. Nitrile O-Rings (2 in Rotor/2 spare)
9. Nylon Hose Barb Fitting

How Does The PSS Mechanical Shaft Seal Work?

A mechanical seal is created by the contact of a turning surface against a stationary surface. In the case of the PSS Shaft Seal, the stationary surface is a carbon flange held in contact against a stainless steel rotor which turns with the shaft. The carbon flange is attached to the boat by a nitrile bellow which, with the help of water pressure, produces a constant contact between the carbon and the stainless steel ring. These type of seals are unaffected by engine motion or vibrations. The result is a 100% watertight and totally maintenance-free seal.


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