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Electric Thrusters

S2 ( Single Prop ) Series Thrusters
Side-Power's S Series thrusters feature maintenance free sealed gearlegs, single prop propulsion systems and powerful motors for boats from 20-38'.
T ( Twin Prop) Series Thrusters
The T Series thrusters offer twin props for additional thrust. The 75Ti and 95Ti fit in 7.25" tunnels while the larger 125Ti mounts in a 10" tunnel. All have Side-Power's proprietary IPC system for safe and secure operation.
TC ( Twin Counter Rotating Prop ) Series Thrusters
TCi Series electric thrusters feature counter-rotating props for the ultimate in side thrust performance. The 155TCi and 200TCi use 10" tunnels.
The 240Tci and 285TCi mount to 12" tunnels. Powerful motor options make the TCi Series the right choice for yachts from 50-100' loa. HYDR

Hydraulic Thrusters
Hydraulic thruster units with thrust ratings from 100-300 Kg (220-660 Lbs) with Ultra motor in sizes 5ccm to 19ccm.

Ignition Protected Thrusters
Side-Power have for several years manufactured Ignition protected versions of the SP75T and SP95T thruster models.
Now the second generation is here with added features, more models

The Side-Power IP series thrusters are especially designed for use as stern thrusters in gasoline engine boats. The unique Ignition Protected design also makes them very suitable for installation as stern thrusters where a high degree of water protection is often necessary.
All thrusters in the IP series meet the ISO 8846 standard for ignition protection.
Features & Benefits:
Certified to ISO 8846 Ignition Protected standards.
Water proof (not recommended for fully submerged mounting).
Stainless cable seals.
Supplied with 1 meter/3.28 feet main power cables and termination blocks for easy and safe installation.
Supplied with 10 meters/32.8 feet control cable and connector for connection outside engine compartment.
Ignition protected housing retains serviceability for inside components.
Sealed gearleg.
Splined shaft for prop attachment.


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