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A diesel engine will collect dirt, water, varnishes, rust, and bacteria that will settle at the bottom of the tank. When the seas get rough the contaminants mix with the diesel fuel hence the need for fuel filters. When the fuel filter starts to clog the engine driven pump will naturally increase its vacuum to pull fuel through the filter, the fuel filter will eventually become totally clogged and will lead to engine shut down. Once the crew figures out that the fuel filter is clogged, they will have to change the filter and bleed the air out of the fuel system. This proves tedious and dangerous under poor sea conditions, creating the need for a more reliable filter system.

The FILTER BOSS was designed to allow two filters to be installed, one online filter and one offline filter with a monitoring system and an integral pump system. The offline filter will be readily available when the online filter starts to clog, a crew member can select the filter by switching levers. A built in vacuum gage allows the crew to monitor the condition of the online filter. Additionally, the integral vacuum switch allows for the installation of a remote warning annunciator. When the crew sees the filter starting to malfunction, they will have time to switc

filters without shutting down the engine. Inside the FILTER BOSS is an electric fuel pump that will make engine bleeding and filter servicing a simple task.



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