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Our inverter/chargers wire into a boat’s existing electrical system. They connect directly to the battery bank so the inverter or charger can draw power or recharge batteries as needed.

The length of time the inverter/charger can supply AC power depends on the size of the battery bank and the number of loads drawing power.

In this example, the inverter/charger recharges the battery banks by converting a portion of incoming shore power to DC power. The rest of the incoming AC power is passed on to loads connected to electrical circuits powered by the inverter.

When shore power is disconnected, the inverter/charger inverts power from the battery banks to provide power to connected appliances. This means the inverter/charger draws 12-volt DC power from the battery banks and inverts it into 120-volt AC. An internal transfer switch senses whether shore power is present, allowing the unit to instantly switch from charge mode to invert mode when power is disconnected.

Inverter-only units are available for systems that already have a battery charger. Our chargers provide multistage charging for all types of deep-cycle batteries. Xantrex also offers a complete line of marine power accessories including remote controls, battery monitors, fuses and battery combiners.


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