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5 - Morgan Earl - Room To Dance

I'd rather not tell you about Ray . .
. . . because Ray has been our boat doctor for 15 years and as much as we'd love Ray to find more success, we'll have to share him with you, and you, and. . . well, you understand.

So we won't tell you that Ray is a first class person with an infinite marine know-how and advice; a problem-solver who will go wherever your boat happens to be and fix whatever is broken.

We'll zip our lip about the great bargains Ray finds on equipment and electronics.

We won't tell you that Ray actually likes us to work along side him on the boat, happy to pass on his experience and advice.

We'll forget to tell you how much Ray really cares about our boat and us and how much that shows in his work.

So please don't call us if you and your boat need Ray. We'd only put you in line behind us.

Call Ray. He'll be fair. Won't you Ray? (THE BOAT DOCTOR!)

Morgan Earl
"Room To Dance"

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