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Sea-Tel Stay Warm Espar Wish List Turbo Vector AC Unit Boat Show

"Wish List". continued

OK, so we come down to the wish list. You may consider the items necessary to to round out the boats upgrading and worn out items first. You know, the batteries, filters, electronics and communications, worn out pipes and exhaust systems. When the boat is totally up to snuff you can then turn to those things that ad to boating pleasure or make for hours of boasting because you have the latest and the greatest. Like the 42" plasma TV with sound around, chart plotters that show you in 3D what the bottom is like where you are underway. Or, how about that under water lighting system that makes you look like an aqua extraterrestrial as you cut across the water at night, a stream of iridescent blue shimmering roster tail splashing wildly as you exit bay east.

What ever your desire, we have access to products in every category imaginable and can install and back them up with service and warrantees. We invite you to check out our products page, after all, you have to start somewhere, right? Ray's Marine Systems make your wish list a reality!

Ray's Marine Systems offers consultation at $60. per hour to plan for your needs with a full refund on acceptance of the upgrade package contract. Remember, that this takes professional knowhow to plan and execute backed by a certified installation in turn backed by a warrantee that protects you. While we work within a 50 kilometer radius of the GTA arrangements can be made outside the Grate Lakes for a travel fee.






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