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Sea-Tel Stay Warm Espar Wish List Turbo Vector AC Unit Boat Show

The "Wish List".

While winter is the best time to choose, purchase and install the items on your boats wish list, really anytime throughout the year will do. Mind you, the extra wait, due to availability of an installer which in turn may interfere with your pleasure boating time can make the process daunting. Most of the time we wait until the deal comes along, or maybe it's finding the cash to make the dream item a reality. Truth is, "it will happen when it happens" and not a second sooner. Here at Ray's Marine Systems we try to aid boaters in the process of realizing the wish list by making sure we have access to all the bells and whistles as soon as they become available.
Constantly keeping our ears and eyes open to see if newer products can deliver the same services as another at a better price point. Often products are made out to be better than they really are, like communications via this satellite or that one. By the feedback we've gotten over the years from our clients, we pretty much know what satellites and communications systems will serve you best in your boating territory. Which ones are notorious for dropped calls or interrupted internet. The same goes for electrical systems, fuel polishing, electronics, autopilots and everything that makes a boat more safe, enjoyable or efficient to run. An awareness of what products best suit the boat is naturally the place we start from. An assessment of your needs and the vessels capabilities coupled with practicality will give you a good idea as to wether or not you are casting your cash to the wind or making a sound purchase.

You wouldn't go out and purchase an engine too powerful for your boat just because you want to, no, you would buy what ever didn't superseded the safety specs but provided you with the level of power you needed. It's the same with every other product you would buy for your boat.



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